Over the years that I have been at London Nautical school there has always been a debate on which team is better than the other team. In my year, the majority of my year either support Arsenal, Manchester United or Chelsea, there are a couple that support Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs, I support Arsenal. Although […]

I remember it so clearly: the first time waking up too early at 6 in the morning, looking out the window and seeing it was still dark, getting dressed and having breakfast, waiting to leave for my first huge day at London Nautical School; my mum dropping me off at the school gate and seeing […]

I agree with Belinda Webb for two reasons. The first is that she argues for both sides of her story and the second is that she talks about how slang is not wrong and how it is going to develop in our everyday language. Belinda Webb says in one of her quotes that “Emma Thompson […]

Simon calls his book “touching the void”. How does he present the sense of danger and his effects on the climbers?. ‘It was as if the mountains were holding there breaths, waiting for another death’ Joe Simpson shows danger in the quotation ‘ it was as if the mountains were holding their breath, waiting for […]

It was as if the mountains were holding their breath, waiting for another death (page 117) The idea of falling into that monstrous blackness yawning below me (120) It was barren and lifeless; i hated the place for its cruelty, and for what it had made me do. (150).

Joe and simon are in the middle of the cordillera. They meet a person who is called richard to overlook there plans before they climb the mountain. Joe explains as to why simon is the best climbing partner to have for this trip. They both got food supplies from girls that already lived in the […]

George Flannagan’s version from last year The task on our website.

Dear diary, I woke up to my mums sweet, delicious pancakes again, if i keep on waking up to them im going to gain some weight. After my pancakes i grabbed my jacket and left the house, it was so cold. I walked to the bus stop to meet up with my friends as they […]

Jem, Dill and scout have learned different tactics in the courtroom that Atticus and Mr Gillmar do to try and get answers out of Tom Robinson and Miss mayella. Atticus tactic that I read was that he asks the witness, Miss Mayella her personal information and then starts asking her questions about what happened over […]

In the description of the courthouse (page 179) we (our class) found many different symbolisms. To start off with one I’m going to be talking about the dust that floats around the court room floor. When I heard about the dust on the courtroom floor the first thing that I thought was the ashes of […]